A tour of The Descalzos Viejos Winery Ronda

Welcome to Descalzos Viejos, a year-old monastery converted into a bodega. The bodega is just a short walk from the historic and charming town of Ronda and boasts extraordinary views and delicious wines. Let’s discover this amazing bodega with owner Don Flavio Salesi and indulge in one of the best wines of the region. My name is Flavio Salesi, I’m one of the owners of the winery, and I will be your guide today. We are in Descalzos Viejos, in Ronda, one of the wineries we have in the region. The place was previously an Arab settlement and then the Christians built a church.

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The order that founded this church were trinitarians, and in the chapel we set the winery where we have all the barrels and we have the tanks, and we discovered some frescos. Here in Ronda we are definitely a Mediterranean region, but we also have the influence of the Atlantic. They need lots of sun. So we have Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Graciano, Garnacha and Chardonnay. Great. The tasting consists basically in getting information from the wine, using all our senses, even our ears. If you uncork a bottle and it doesn’t sound well, you can suspect that there is something there.

First of all we drop some wine and take a look. You can define the colour, the deepness, the body, you can even guess if it’s young or aged. You can also get some information from the variety you use to make the wine. And then you smell it. It is said that you can find out some information about the variety. Then you move it as you probably have seen in many posts or bars or at home and it is supposed to give extra air to the wine and let it open, quickly. And then you’re speaking about balance. Wine is about balance. But the most important thing is to drink wine without any complex, and of course, to drink many of it. Salud! Cheers! Ronda is a paradise for all those who might be looking for a different kind of holiday or a memorable weekend getaway in Southern Spain. Here at Descalzos Viejos we have one of many options and we invite you the discover the region’s countless vineyards. After wine tasting you can discover the town of Ronda.

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