American Nut and Chocolate Company US Map & Phone & Address

American Nut and Chocolate Company US Map & Phone & Address

230 West Broadway, South Boston;(617) 268-0075 Cashews, $3.99 a pound pistachios, $2.99 a pound . .. dry roasted peanuts, half a pound for 990. These delicious items are roasted and processed on the premises and sold in a no-frills shop at the front. They also have chocolates and candies, though these are not all made in their factory; get a pound of chocolate-cov-

from the oven.

Wonder-Hostess Bakery Thrift Store

601 Pond Sl, Braintree; (617) 848-0670

647 Andover SL, Lawrence; (508) 686-6119

429 Eastern Ave. Malden; (617) 324-3800

330 Speen St. Natick; (508) 655-2150

10 Cape Rd. Taunton; (508)822-4876

And other suburban locations Seems kind of funny to make a fuss over Wonder Bread, that most ordinary of loaves. You can get such a loaf here for only 600 fresh and direct from the bakery. But there’s a lot more here than white.

Hostess Cupcakes and Twinkies are 250 a pack; cinnamon crumb cake, fat-free, is reduced from $2.99 to just 990. A dozen assorted doughnuts is marked down from $2.49 to the same 99«. Most of these are reaching their expiration date, but rarely are they past iLered jellies for $1.69, or homemade fudge for $3.99 a pound. Open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. only.

Other brands and products here include Home Pride Butter Top Wheat Bread, 500 a loaf; Beefsteak Rye, same price, marked down from $1.69; a box of Uncle Ben’s stuffing mix for 990. There are also various soup mixes, rice, popcorn, and candies. Open seven days, including weeknights.

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