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Filipinas in Cebu are an exotic combo of both oriental and Spanish looks, with tight little bodies in beautiful dark bronze skin. While intelligent, confident and friendly, the residents are famously poor and are dealt a lousy hand in life. There are many local girls desperate for an American boyfriend or husband. Very often the locals are more than happy to go out for short time dates, just as long as you keep the payment terminology is expressed in the terms helping her out, or simply saying you’d like her company and will take care of her. They still have a lot of pride. It’s probably the best situation, because they’re sweet and often squeaky-clean honeys, and for the most part honest well as honest as you can expect of a woman. The average monthly salary in the Philippines is $80 American. Hell, my bar tab last night was higher than that.

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Thus, try the local’s route before anything else, starting at The Ayala Shopping Mall, where there are a lot of pubs, with favorites being Mi Vida, Brix, and Ratsky. Mi Vida, located on the first floor, is the place to go on weekends after 10:30pm. The place is packed with pros, semi pros, and amateurs all looking for fun.

For daytime action, stop at any coffee clutch spot in the Mall. Freelancers will approach you. Make eye contact, buy her a coffee, and ask for an afternoon guide/date. If you prefer non-pros, stay at the Marriott, it’s right there, and hit the mall in the days. Most every girl will be your girlfriend for as long as you want, from one hour to a week just let her know that you will take care of her.

If you’re into gambling, the waterfront airport and waterfront city are both casino hotels full of plenty of women lingering and available to console the gamblers.

On to the Cebu go go bars. In Cebu, you won’t find the huge amount of clubs in a sectioned off red light district like in Angeles City or Thailand, but they are there. First up is the Viking Bar, located across and down the street from Iglesia Cristo Church on Mango Avenue. Opposite of the Viking Bar is the Club Circus Disco, (not a go go bar), which is packed with freelancers looked to wub you wong time. Wednesday is packed for ladies night, overnight dates run $20-30.

Next-door is strip club row, with Exotica, Dimples, Cities, La Dolce Vita, Misty’s and Papillon. Uptown you will find the Silver Dollar Bar, located on Osmena Blvd.; any taxi will know where it is. Firehouse is found off of Jones Avenue. St Moritz is found off of Gorordo Avenue, a long running club well known as well.

Most go go bars have topless billiards available. All clubs have similar pricing; your beers are 35P before 9pm, 40-1 OOP later on, with ladies drinks around 150P. Bar fine around 700P and girls is 1000-1500P. Sometimes the mamasan wants full payment for both Upfront, make sure you clear this up before leaving with your Asian flower and she later requests an additional gift.

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