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1025-A Providence Rd. 704/344-0333, www.fancypantschildren. com HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30 A.M.-5:30 P.M.

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It takes a mom to understand how to run a children’s boutique. Owner Jonni Miller has pulled together a collection of special-occasion clothing for little ones. Parents with deep pockets can be found browsing through racks of adorable little outfits for formal events. The store might be in a stripmall, but there are no sandbox togs here. It’s a great place to find suits and formal dresses from over

200 American and European designers. A store within the store, Tootsies Too, specializes in shoes for little feet.

He had a grant of four hundred six dollars for his Fortaleza Map travelling expenses, and one thousand two hundred dollars silver as his annual salary. The Company was Fortaleza Map invested with the exclusive privilege of importing tobacco into Sweden, although that article was even then regarded as unnecessary and injurious, although indispensable since the establishment of the bad habit of its use. Upon the same occasion was also sent out Magister John Campanius Holm, who was called by their excellencies the Royal Council and Admiral Claes Flemming, to become the government chaplain, and watch over the Swedish congregation. The ship on which they sailed was called the Fama. It went from Stockholm to Gtheborg, and there took in its freight. Along with this went two other ships of the line, the Swan and the Charitas, laden with people, and other necessaries.

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