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Progress now depends on the state of the tide: if Sydney Map the tides are favourable, you can walk right along the shoreside to reach Bosham Quay and then Sydney Map join Shore Road which brings you round to the end of Bosham Lane, giving access to the village’s shops and other amenities. At high tide, it may be necessary for you to turn left into Westbrook Field, right into Brook Avenue and right again into Bosham Lane, bringing you to the junction with Shore Road.

Ironically, it is possible that when you arrive at Bosham, the culmination of your waterside walk, you will find that you are not actually beside any water at all.

The creek beside which it stands, set well back from the sea and effectively an inlet of Chichester Harbour, is tidal. Normally the water covers the creek twice a day at high tide, but at low tide the waters disappear altogether. However, when the waters do rise, the effect can be remarkable, especially when heavy rainfall coincides with high spring tides.

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