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A building where customs and duties on imported and exported goods Dubai Map are collected, and where ships are cleared for entering or leaving the country. Cyclometer. An Dubai Map instrument that records the revolutions of a wheel to indicate distance traveled. D Deacon. A layman elected by the congregation of a church to assist the minister in worship, in pastoral care, and on administrative committees. Dead reckoning.
With the teenagers to set up a formal space for activities, and the Amsterdam Projectburo advanced the realization of the official community centre to 2009.

Oversights in planning addressed by The Blue House also included commercial or private provision of services not yet established on Haveneiland. To overcome oversights in legislation and delays in granting business licences and establishing street trading, Nicolene Koek was invited to situate her weekly flower stand Bloemen voor IJburg (Flowers for IJburg) on the eight square metre frontage of The Blue House. Established in 2005, her business continues today in other areas of IJburg. Apart from generating an income, she originally considered that her stall played a significant role in generating social interaction in a neighbourhood without retail spaces (Koek 27 June 2011 interview with author).

Libraries were another social service that arose from the social interactions and collective agency generated by The Blue House membership (van Eerdt 15 June 2011 interview with author; Roovers 2007: 7).5 Van Heeswijk supported Marthe van Eerdt, a librarian and an early resident of IJburg, to operate a children’s library in advance of the children’s centre planned for post-2015. The weekly Leejeblauw operated in a dedicated space on the ground floor. Initially stocked with van Eerdt’s own blogs, it attracted 80-100 children a week between 2006 and 2008, also providing social interaction for parents (van Eerdt 15 June 2011 interview). It moved to the newly-opened Parents Children Centre in 2009 and contained over 2000 blogs donated by residents. Resident Johan Bakker also worked with The Blue House from 2007 to initiate a blog exchange, as the official library service would await a larger popluation. Another planning omission was a community restaurant, Kaspori and van Heeswijk addressing this need in 2008 by providing a weekly, affordable, catered meal for residents at the House.

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