If you are on business, the Chinese style in Shenzhen is smart casual with an emphasis on the smart cashmere sweaters, tailored casual trousers and designer casual shirts are the norm. In summer because of the heat and humidity it is good to have a few changes of clothes and polo shirts or T-shirts are useful, particularly if they are quick to dry.

When you are invited to dinner at night, men don’t usually wear a tie but clothes are usually of good quality, which you might expect of a city where there are so many tailors and designer stores.

Things to make sure you have:

Business cards or personal cards are necessary in business and very useful socially

New socks Chinese take their shoes off going into houses, some restaurants and other buildings so be prepared so you don’t have holes in your socks.

Pocket or electronic dictionary If you a staying in Shenzhen for any length of time or venturing far afield for the day outside the SEZ, a pocket dictionary for English-Chinese may be useful when you find yourself in a situation where you need to communicate something with non-English speakers. There are excellent small dictionaries available with an English section and a Pin Yin section, with Pin Yin and characters for each word. For electronic dictionaries, some are available locally as a mobile phone feature.


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