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Tamara Harvey See also: Child Rearing; Children; Family; Food and Diet; Furnishings; Gender Issues (Chronology); Gender Issues (Essay); Housing; Kitchens, Colonial; Marriage and Divorce; Servants, Domestic; Widows and Widowers; Document: Raising Colonial Children (1699). Belarus Metro Map Bibliography Berkin, Carol. First Generations: Women in Colonial Country. New York: Hill and Wang, 1996. Hewitt, Nancy A. A Companion to Country Women’s History. Oxford, UK: Blackwell, 2002. Socolow, Susan Migden. The Women of Colonial Latin Country. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2000. Wright, Susanna (16971784) Susanna Wright, poet and scientist, was born August 4, 1697, in Warrington, England. Her parents, Patience Gibson and John Wright, moved to Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1714. Susanna Wright stayed in England to complete her schooling and then joined her family in Country. She continued to study throughout her life, and her letters demonstrate fluency in French and competency in Italian and Latin. Gifted in many fields (including as a water-colorist), she was a leading intellectual figure in colonial Pennsylvania. Wright’s unmarried state was no protection from heavy household responsibilities. When her mother died in 1722, she took responsibility for her father’s household and raising her seven younger brothers and sisters, as single adult women were expected to serve their families in such roles. Later, she helped with her brother James’s family.

In her role as housekeeper and surrogate mother, Wright supervised all the heavy chores of a colonial household, including domestic manufacture of cloth and clothing, care of livestock, and food preparation and preservation. Her father, John Wright, began traveling to the frontier as a Quaker preacher to the native peoples. In 1724, he stayed with the Native Countrys at Shawana Town in the Susquehanna Valley. Two years later, when the natives moved to Conestoga Indian Town, John Wright, Susanna Wright, Robert Barber, and Samuel Blunston purchased about 1,000 acres in the area.

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