Food & Supplies

There are a several small stores located along JJ Sanchez, the main street running parallel to the river. In addition to the stores listed, there are several families that are able to provide hamburgers, empanadas, or other food upon request (most have signs noting Empanadas). During siesta time, most will appear closed but you can still try your luck by clapping and asking if they have prepared food to sell.

Hamburguesena Rosi An open-air fast food joint with a nice, rustic ambience. Enjoy a burger while basking in the cool night breeze. About one block downriver past the municipal office on JJSanchez. Open daily 7pm-11pm, Gs. 7,000-12,000

Lider Comercial A very nice and tidy grocery store with all the basics as well as cooked meals. Owner Gloria Paya also runs a leather goods and indigenous handicrafts store next door. Woven baskets and wood carvings from nearby Puerto Diana are well made and well priced. Tel: 0984 302 309, about three blocks upriver from the docks on the left-hand side of JJ Sanchez, Gloria lives on the premises and is always willing to help visitors, so just clap or knock if the store appears to be closed

Casa Silva Run by Don Silvia, this small restaurant can prepare empanadas on request. Tel:0982 329 297, Avenida Coronel Sanchez and Silvio Pettirosi, open upon request, Gs. 2,000-7,000


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