Louisiana is a bit late to the craft-brewing scene, but is doing its best to catch up. Several new breweries have opened up recently and most are open to the public for some on-the-spot imbibing.

The level of finish on their bars varies widely; most merely have a small bar attached to their brewing warehouse.


The seabed at 25 metres is just sand and stone, with – up till now -little of interest to tempt divers down to explore the bottom. Interestingly, though, a crushed bronze bell was recovered only a few years ago, lying in 15 metres on the steep sloping bank in this area. This island, which is the highest and largest in the group, has had eight recorded ships wrecked on it in the past 200 years. On 31 January 1823, an unknown brig was lost with all hands. Then, on 26 September 1853, the sloop Success was wrecked and one person drowned. However the most famous shipwreck of them all was the steamer Forfarshire, a 400-ton wooden paddle steamer on which 43 people lost their lives. She was a modern paddle steamer, being only four years old at the time of her loss. Built in Dundee in 1834 at a cost of £20,000, the vessel was designed to carry both cargo and passengers mainly between the ports of Dundee and Hull. She had twin 90-hp simple steam engines, supported by brigantine-rigged sails, and two masts with one funnel in between them. Her normal complement was 25 and she was carrying approximately 40 passengers.

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