Baikal Lake Russia

Baikal Lake is the deepest lake in the world. Situated in Russia’s Siberian region, it consists of 20% of the sweet water available on the earth. In the south of Siberia, it is locate on the borders of two states of Russia – Irkutsk Oblast and Buryat Republic. It is the world biggest sweet water lake and is 1,637 meter deep. It is spread over in 31,500 square kilometer. It is 636 kilometer long and 90% of the drinking water of the lake is safe.

Many of the species found in this lake are not found anywhere else in the world. Its water is considered to be the purest of all the water bodies of the earth. It has got more than 30 rock islands and among them Olkhan is the biggest. It is said that Chengiz Khan was born on this island.

There are many warm waterfalls in the river that give out oxygen vapor. Bears, muse, elk, deer and Siberian squirrels are among the few animals found near the lake. Many fishes are found in the lake among which Narepa is the most important. Along with being the biggest lake, it is also famous because aquatic lives are found in all the layers of the lake.

Around 1,700 species of animals and plants are found here out of which one – third are found only in this lake and around it. In 1996, this lake was added to the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is the world’s oldest lake. Its age is around 2.5 crore.

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