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To say this was a big mistake on Stratton’s part is an understatement. The marshal was furious. Once released, he had Stratton along with his deputies arrested and jailed in Grand Rapids. The town of Allegan was shocked. The next day a group of the town’s most well-known citizens boarded a train for Grand Rapids. There they immediately posted bail and released their lawmen. Stratton stood his ground throughout this ordeal, never blinking an eye or offering a comment on the surrounding events leading to his arrest.

The desperados were eventually captured. Some believed it was the good work of Sheriff Stratton that led to their arrest.

At the end of his term, Sheriff Stratton came into good fortune. In the summer of 1896, he was given more than $1,300 in reward money for the capture of a notorious Indiana train robber and the recovery of stolen money. Though others involved in the capture of the robber also tried to claim the reward, the courts awarded Stratton the full prize. He left office a relatively wealthy man.

For the next two decades Stratton remained a prominent and influential member of Allegan. He lived a seemingly happy life with his wife, son and daughter and kept busy tending his large farm. As he grew older, his energy began to drain. Those secretive eyes and unspoken thoughts took their toll. Deep depression slowly consumed him.

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