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If you have successfully completed the Best Nature Lover’s Bangalore Subway Map Walk between Seaford and Eastbourne, you might be forgiven for thinking that in terms of coastal scenery Bangalore Subway Map in Sussex, there is nothing that could beat it. However, whilst it is undeniably spectacular, it does not perhaps demonstrate the tremendous variety of the Sussex coastline. On your walk from Hastings to Winchelsea you will begin at a town which is not only one of the foremost seaside resorts in Sussex, but also has a long association with the sea and is steeped in history; you will enjoy some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in Sussex.

Arguably surpassing in scenic beauty and majesty even the Seven Sisters; you will spend some time following an area of totally unspoilt seashore, with ample opportunity for dipping your toe in the water as well as looking out for the many different seabirds that frequent the surrounding sands and marshes; and you will end with a village that was once an important port but which is now one of the prettiest and most unspoilt villages in the county. Hastings is a fascinating town and deserving of some exploration. It was one of the original Cinque Ports and regularly contributed ships to the Navy during the Middle Ages. The old town grew up in the valley between two sandstone ridges, namely East Hill and West Hill.

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