This quirky joint is a great spot to pop in after filling up at Dat Dog across the street. Reclaimed wood in multitudinous colors makes up a charming bar, tables, and even part of the ceiling. Board games strewn across picnic tables invite patrons to linger. You can also try your luck at the vintage Ms. Pacman or skee-ball court. A friend observed that one table in particular would be perfect for D&D. The garage sale decor might seem like it’s trying too hard in other incarnations, but here, it really does feel like somebody cleaned out their mom’s hall closet and decided to open a bar for their friends. The beer selection includes some local and regional brews. The cocktail list is small and quirky, just like its setting, and I’m a sucker for any list that offers a Singapore Sling. You can also sample one of their rotating draft cocktails; the whiskey/ginger was a favorite. The Other Bar also lets you bring in food, so you often see folks snacking on hot dogs from Dat Dog across the street or a sandwich from Liberty Cheesesteaks down the block.

For all of you who like to “go green,” the Other Bar is one of the few spots in New Orleans that has upped its sustainability game. They serve canned beer over glass bottles so they can then recycle the cans, and they also use compostable to-go cups and bamboo stirrers. Even their use of reclaimed wood puts them in the “renew, reuse, recycle” camp. What could make your drink taste better than knowing you are helping to save the planet?


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