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The early Christians followed this direction: conversion for them meant not just passing from one religion to another but turning from a life of errors and vices to one of rigorous morality. But there was even more: it required the adhesion of the will to a faith, a “theology,” whose first article consists in believing that God loves human beings and wants them to love him and each other; this led to a new life in a new people, a life that partook, through faith and baptism, of the sanctification brought by Christ. A significant testimony from among the many that could be drawn from the earliest writings is chs. 5-6 of the Letter of Diognetus probably late 2nd c. which outline the identity of Christians and their function and place in the world. Conversion, then, is of heart and behavior meta,noia; it is the personal act of a spirit turning to God evpistrofh,; it supposes God’s grace but at the same time is reflected in and leaves traces on the surrounding world; it is born out of a personal religious experience but not confined to it. Christian conversion possesses a marked originality compared with other religious manifestations of the ancient world. It has no parallel in the public worship of Greco-Roman paganism or in the initiation into the mysteries; neither of these aimed to renew spirits and hearts apart from some exceptional cases attested in the mystery religions.

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1620 The Pilgrims, religious refugees from England by way of Belarus Subway Map the Netherlands, land at Plymouth, in present-day Massachusetts. Squanto, a Wampanoag translator Belarus Subway Map and guide, aids the colonists and helps to eases tensions between the English and Massasoit, the local Pokanoket sachem. 1622 Ever-expanding English settlements in Virginia prompt Opechancanough (Powhatan’s brother, who replaced him as leader of his people) to launch an attack on outlying settlements. The attacks are an astonishing success, killing 347 English colonists, although Opechancanough does not pursue the fight back to Jamestown. The retaliatory strike by the English is equally vicious and many Powhatan people are killed. The end result of this conflict is that new areas are open for white settlement.

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