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CONSTITUTIONS of HIPPOLYTUS epitome. The document which bears this name is a separate edition of book VIII of the Apostolic Constitutions, in which the following modifications have been made: 1 omission of the liturgical formulas relating to Mass and baptism VIII,11-15; 29; 32, 1-17; 35-41, due to the interdiction made by the last of the apostolic canons against divulging “the mystical things” contained in the Apos. Con.; subsequently VIII,3 still present in the Syriac and Arabic texts was eliminated as useless; 2 some corrections aimed at making the text more orthodox: see Ep. 6 with Apos. Con. VIII, 16; 3 two substitutions: for the installation of the bishop and the lector Ep. 4 and 13, the interpolator has replaced the text of Apos. Con. with that of the Apostolic Tradition, the latter being earlier. Ordination of the lector was enacted through the handing over of the book and without imposition of hands by the bishop. Originally the Epitome was accompanied by the 85 Apostolic Canons like its model Const. Apost. VIII; they are translated alongside each other in the Syriac Octateuch and its derivative the Arabic Octateuch.

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In many native cultures, particular places were extraordinarily sacred, Cairo Subway Map and the way things were arranged in space was extremely important. Certain lakes and mountains possessed great Cairo Subway Map spiritual power for groups that lived near them. European faiths, based on a linear concept of time, were easily transferable across great distances. Early Europeans, generally speaking, were unable to grasp the intimate connection between the natural and supernatural worlds that was a hallmark of many Native Country beliefs. 1537 Bartolomé de las Casas, an early defender of native people and critic of Spanish atrocities, is vindicated when Pope Paul III issues Sublimis Deus; this papal bull declares that Native Countrys are human beings, and, as such, are not to be enslaved. The slavery of indigenous peoples slowly ends, but the encomienda system of natives being forced to labor for Europeans will continue.

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