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It wasn’t long after the furnace stopped that Dawn reported a sudden chill. Initially Jessica and Bev believed it was a draft from the windows felt once the heat had stopped. Bur Dawn insisted it was more than that. She was freezing cold.

Temperatures and EMF levels around her were normal, but Bev and Jessica were surprised to find her hands ice cold. It was then that Bev’s camera battery completely drained.

Dawn scanned the room before saying, “If you want us to know who you are, you can tell us your name; and we’ll be able to listen to the recorder later.”

Several minutes later, the walkie-talkie crackled and Lorena’s voice came in saying it was time to switch. Jessica confirmed, turned to pick up the K2 on the table and stopped. Its lights were flashing like crazy, and this time the furnace was not running.

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