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Bad Areas :

The intersection of Avenida Revolution and Calle Coahilla, ‘A mile east of Adelita Bar next to the Alaska Motel. Another is one block east and one block south of the Adelita Bar. Also one block west of Adelita’s near the New York Club. The modus operandi of crime are street thugs sneaking up behind you for muggings, similar to Help disco are in Rio. Recommended is walking in the streets under lights, they jump out from behind cars.

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The other well know clubs in the zone are Chavelas, CC, Deja Vu, Hong Kong, La Tropa, Madonnas, Mermaids, Miami, and Tropical. The club names can change with the wind, or depending on who’s greasing palms and who isn’t. There’s a different setup in each, most you just stroll in a pick out you girl for an nearby rendezvous. Deja Vu has a $40 cover which includes an hour date.

Be aware there are numerous drink hustler chicks in the clubs. The easiest method to avoid them is for you to stand. If you’re inclined to sit at tables, they’ll appear out of nowhere at your table, and an $8 drink arrives seconds later, which you’re now expected to buy. (the girls make a few bucks for each of these).

For the cheap Charlie route, there are literally hundreds of street girls loitering around looking for $20-30 dates in their private love shacks nearby. While this is hardly a romantic encounter, and is not exactly high class, some of these girls can be stunning. Expect a buffet of attempted up sells for clothes off, positions, grunting, farting, you name it.

Prostitution is illegal in Mexico, but the Zona is a tolerated area. However, cops are still crooked as hell, and will look for a way to temporarily arrest any drunk and disorderly Gringo. If you get in a fight, or pee in public, you’re either going to jail or paying off a cop not to. They periodically storm into a club and search everyone for guns and proper paperwork. Be prepared, it’s legal for them to do this.

Vacation Stuff :

And now for the cover story for the old lady.

Bullfighting : (Corridas de Toros) Toreo de Tijuana at Agua Caliente 011 -52 (66) 86-1510 Plaza Monumental at Playa de Tijuana

Golf Courses :

Baja Mar

Using the natural environment as an advantage, the rugged Baja coastline provides an unforgettable setting for Baja mar’s Scottish links style golf course. You’ll be using some unnatural silicone environment in the red zone immediately follow the round. The challenging 6,968 yard layout is rated 74, with a slope of 137 from the back tees and is truly a memorable experience. Located an easy 50-mile drive south of the San Diego/Tijuana border on the toll road. Tel: (800) 225-2418

A breathtaking view with the Los Coronados Mountains that perfectly frame the lush green fairways and rugged canyon walls. Carved out of the Christy canyons, this spectacular course is located just 12 miles south of the international border. The unparalleled site provides natural slopes and curves on every fairway throughout this challenging 18-hole course, which is accentuated with 7 lakes and 51 bunkers.

Tijuana Country Club

Agua Caliente Blvd. Tel: (011-52664) 681-7859 (http://golf.baja.com/images/courses/tjcc/info.html)

Club Campestre Tijuana

One of the most beautiful golf courses of Mexico, great views and challenges for amateur and professional golf players. That’s just the hookers, the course is real nice too.

For further info on all the courses, visit the below site.

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