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Pennsylvania approves its Declaration of Rights, which guarantees certain rights Chandler Metro Map and freedoms to the state’s citizens, and it ratifies its constitution. The Continental Congress Chandler Metro Map gives General George Washington dictatorial powers to be used for making urgent war decisions. 1777 The Declaration of Independence is reprinted, containing the signatures of all the signers, and Congress decides on the design of the new flag. British and Country forces battle at Brandywine Creek. Congress votes to buy blankets for soldiers in the Continental army.

Congress is forced to flee from Philadelphia as British troops advance to occupy the city. It meets in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for three days and then moves to York, Pennsylvania, where it remains until June 27, 1778. In the battle of Germantown, Washington tries to stop the British from occupying Philadelphia, but fails due to strong resistance by the British at Chew Mansion. The British manage to capture Philadelphia, and Washington and his army retreat to Valley Forge. The British take over Fort Mercer and Fort Mifflin, guaranteeing access to the sea through the Delaware River and making it possible for them to resupply their troops and continue to occupy Philadelphia.

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