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In general, the less you look like a tourist, the better. Consider wearing skirts rather than shorts to blend in; avoid baggy jeans,’T-shirts, and sneakers, since they may make it obvious that you’re a foreigner. Try to dress conservatively, especially in rural areas. Wearing a conspicuous wedding band may help prevent unwanted overtures; some travelers report that carrying pictures of a husband or chil dren is extremely useful to help document marriage status.

Your best answer to verbal harassment is no answer at all. The extremely persis tent can often be dissuaded by a firm, loud, and very public Go away! in the appropriate language (see Language Basics, 1034). Don’t hesitate to seek out a police officer or passerby if you are being harassed or feel threatened. Memorize the emergency numbers in places you visit, and consider carrying a whistle or airhom on your keychain. A self-defense course will both prepare you for a poten tial attack and raise your awareness and confidence (17). It’s also a good idea to be conscious of the health concerns that women face when traveling (21).


Journeywoman, 50 Prince Arthur Av. Toronto, Canada, M5R 1B5 (Canada ©416-929- 7654; Posts an online newsletter and other resources pro viding female-specific travel tips.

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