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The name says it all lotsa beers, and food that won’t break the bank. long as he could and still ended up taking half of it home.

For lighter appetites, sandwich versions of all these are available in the $4-$5 range. So are combinations like falafel and hummus, along with various salads (be sure to try the ta-hini dressing) and even burgers and steak tips. In keeping with its name, Jaffa’s short list of alcoholic beverages includes Israeli wines; there are also fine-looking desserts and strong Turkish coffee for after the meal. Open for lunch and dinner (til 10 or 11 p.m.) Mondays through Saturdays, and from 1 to 10 P.M. on Sundays.

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The centre area of the Glororum hills’, which run north-south in Staple Sound, is rather flat with only the occasional shallow channel on the top of it and, with the exception of a few little hairy spider crabs and multitudes of sea urchins, there is not much variety in the marine life. The eastern (seaward) side has a steep uninteresting wall to the flat seabed at 12 metres, while the west side is a gradual slope from the kelp-covered hill top to a boulder-strewn bottom. The northern end of the Shad slopes away steeply to 12 metres with a small wall running east-west and plenty of soft corals on it, obviously attracted by the strong tidal stream on the flood, although there are not many crevices to poke around in. This is best dived at low slack water or on the neap ebb tide. Midway between Glororum Shad and oxscar (or South Goldstone) the bottom is very flat, stony and carpeted with brittle stars. Depths average about 17 metres at low water and there are strong tidal streams on both the flood and ebb. Not worth the effort, unless anyone wants to make a drift dive and take pot luck on finding something. The Nature Reserve This is an area of undulating hills, many with steep cliff-like walls, located approximately up to one mile northwest of the North Wamses, where interesting scenery and marine life can be found. However there is no record of any vessels having sunk in the area. This site has very strong tidal streams, although it is possible to get some shelter behind the reefs, but it is generally a slack water dive.

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