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My name is Tatiana.

I come from Serbia and I am one of the program directors on Eastern Europe, and the Black Sea. I am from Serbia which used to be a part of Yugoslavia. I do like explaining, and showing history through these trips the thing that.

visiting the west midlands

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visiting nurse association of the midlands

I like to focus on as well is definitely the period of history of communism or socialism we had in these in these areas. Because this part of the world were sort of hidden behind the Iron Curtain for. So long there are many places that we visit that.

visiting east midlands airport

I find very interesting we have a visit of the Tito’s mausoleum which is very interesting. Because it as well comes with a story of our great socialist leader, and well our charming dictator, and it explains a lot about the time the period of history in ex-yugoslavia another interesting thing about our visit is that our travellers have a chance to go, and visit one of the homes. So we go for a home hosted lunch there.

visit the east midlands

I’m sure, it’s very impactful for them as well to see. Because most of these people have pictures of their homes, and How it destroyed that their homes were during the war they are always amazed of. How people managed to sort of survive, and go through this difficult period, and rebuild their houses, and they hear this personal stories from the people who actually experienced it you.

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