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Sun’s ornate sarcophagus, donated by Russia, is still in Tianjin Map mint condition. My grandmother had attended his deathbed in 1925, another of her journalistic triumphs Tianjin Map , being the only Western woman there in his last moments. Doris died when I was nine; I only remember her as an old lady in a wheelchair, crippled by arthritis. The photograph albums that I’d browsed through showed her as tall, slim and elegant, with short aubum hair. I couldn’t even find the temples and monasteries she had described and, according to the peasants I asked, they had been destroyed. But there were other small temple-monasteries, locked in behind closed doors and high stone walls.

As always, history is an important part of any story we write, especially those dealing with hauntings. Sometimes we go back hundreds of years. In this case, however, we suspected history might only go back as far as Mari’s past.

As a teenager, Mari had practiced Black Magic. We thought that was the only history needed. From what the reverend had suggested, Mari had opened herself to these demons. If that was true, then it seemed likely the demons would vanish after the deliverance.

Yet, it was curious that it was only after she began working in the shop and living in her husband’s home that these demonic visions and strange phenomena began to occur. Perhaps some historical event connected with the home or business was feeding whatever demons lay inside of her.

Our research began. It would take us through a twisted road of lies, family secrets and one of Michigan’s most sensational trials that shook the very foundation of Holly’s strict Christian beliefs.

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