Hey guys So last thing in Utah, and our flight leaves in a couple hours we just have a few errands to run. So we’re just quickly doing them now we’re all packed up hence why was something like a little bit late today, and yeah then we’re heading to the airport, and we’re flying to a new place we’ve never been before. So we’re both excited fella funny guys. So yeah we will thank you okay go say goodbye to Jess oh she did bye you guys I just wanna say that I was wrong. So I want you to know hi let’s go ready like I say we here at the Salt Lake City International Airport we have two flights to catch today first stop is Seattle, and then the second stop is where we’re gonna be spending the next 13 days easy.


So we’re actually heading out Alaska which we’re very excited to tell you more about it this time. But I want you to know that I No this one saving. So we just got into Seattle, and we just have like a three-hour layover here it’s not two hours it was 45 minutes to take it off the plane. But it’s really interesting. Because this is Fault in your boy that was like sitting next to us I mean looks like a completely different life he lives in the country in Alaska, and it goes like hunting, and he you know listens to country music, and he just does all these different activities like his local spot is the wrestling which I don’t know anyone in Australia that does the rest that you. But it’s really interesting just chatting to people um. But it completely could relies to us now we’re just gonna go find some food, and then we jumping on a flight to Anchorage what you got there hmm yeah that looks good it’s like the size of your head baby that’s amazing we just found a power outlets when you try to charge some laptop.

So I can do some more post editing we’re in Alaska, and were created by we don’t know if it’s cold yet we put our jumpers on we flew in into a storm to come here. But there’s heating in the airport. So we’ll see we’ll see how cold it is here hello alright guys you just arrived at a hostel here in Alaska, and we are about to go on a 13 day trek through Alaska with a company called trick America we’re going on their tour called the Alaskan War II wonder I always say the wrong the Alaskan wander for 13 days camping mm-hmm. So that should be fun we’re really excited. Because the last time we went camping was in Canada, and that is so much fun that was five days this is almost triple that amount 13 days yeah very exciting cause Alaska is a place that I don’t know anyone that’s gone to Alaska another. So I don’t really know much about it yeah. So excited to see what it’s like, I’m the only bad thing is internet.

Because it’s a little camping that we’re doing we’ve been worried about having up batteries charge for our cameras yeah sorry when the hoping that everything works out. But, I’m sure it will he looks beautiful what are you guys well let me do people reading this now we’ve just got back from the last point you know gonna put up a post yes. So you get ready for two posts a day until went back up today. So we’re gonna be working. So hard to make sure we get a true post is a day for you guys, and get back on track as quick as possible yes sir future Steve in 13 days work hard yeah okay guys thanks for reading I will see you guys tomorrow as day 1 of our trek America tour bye bye I just wanna say that I know.

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