Best Travel Destinations For 18 Year Olds

Best Travel Destinations For 18 Year Olds

So, say you are flying to Thailand to be there in time for the monthly full moon party; but, you wish to travel overland to Laos and Cambodia, then fly from there home, it is imperative that you know whether this is circle or open jaw travel; and, find out what savings you might have as a result of the choice you will make.

In my bloging your flights, always ask for discounts for yourself and for children, if any, especially any children between 2 and 11.

Always travel off season. For example, go to Asia and Europe between March and April; and, generally, avoid the busier or peak season. This you will need to know; for, travel agents would almost automatically go ahead and tell you what they feel is the best time for you to travel.

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It pays to be flexible with your flights. While my bloging midweek will, generally, save you money, my bloging your departure or arrival one day off – e.g. Wednesday instead of Tuesday – can also save you money.

In preparing to go on your travel, ask your bank to waive fees on credit and ATM card transactions you will make while abroad. Banks also like you to inform them when travelling to certain parts of the world; so, that they would not suspect your credit card transactions there, because of the incidence of credit card fraud in that particular country or general area.

Be always ready to save money or get a free trip by giving up your seat and going on a later flight, if the opportunity avails itself. Listen out for the announcement at the counter while you wait to board.

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