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The first settlers in New England learned about bean hole beans from Native Americans. The Penobscot cooked their beans in clay pots with bits of venison and flavored them with maple syrup. The settlers later switched to salt pork and molasses. The beans became a favorite at lumber camps when Maine's industry was at its peak and continued as a tradition for community suppers throughout the state.

Maine Forest and Logging Museum offers bean hole beans on two days as a noon meal, one in early August at their Heavy Metal event and one in early October during Living History Days.

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Harpswell Scout Association's annual bean hole supper fundraiser, usually on the first Saturday in August, facebook. Com/horpswellneighbors/ The Patten Lumbermen’s Museum’s Annual Bean-Hole Bean Dinner, always the second Folk Arts Area at the Common Ground Country Fair, always the third weekend after Labor Day, around noon on each day of the fair, mofga. Org/ Publications/MaineOrganicFarmerGardener/ Winter20062007/CommonGroundsBeanHole-Beans/tobid/659/Default. Aspx.

Fryeburg Fair, served Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday during the first week in October, 1 p.m. at the Fryeburg Fair Farm Museum. Fryeburgfair. Org/Events-Attractions/ Points-of-lnterest/Museum.

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