Japanese Luxury Vacation Ishigaki Island

Ishigaki is an island you probably never heard of truth is up until a few weeks ago I didn’t either it’s an hour flight from Okinawa, and it’s actually closer to Taiwan then to Big Island Japan, and the main reason why I came down here was at the diving beauty I just had no idea how beautiful the rest of it would be all right we just going to run our car alongside me on this adventure this week Stacy one of my best friends from high school we were going to be hitting up this island first is figuring out how to get to our hotel, and how to get out of here you got to have international driver’s permit that’s my space is driving well at least for now. Because you need the permit in order to drive here in Japan that’s it we’re heading out it’s a sunny day we’re going to go to the hotel first which is about 20 minutes away let’s go check out this island yeah bringing the collar the spot that’s gonna be first yes Oh, and right quick walk the road middle of nowhere feels like Hawaii birds are chirpin giant Hawks my ankle forums we got a hotel.

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So let me preface this next part by saying as you know I don’t usually travel like this. But when I received the invitation from gist Sondhi to come check out their newly open luxury property I made an exception you have to understand Stacy, and I grew up together in a small farming town in upstate New York about as far removed from this type of lifestyle as you can imagine. So to be able to share this moment with her was really special mañana come on from she learned she was really my sister went through Cortland really it’s cool yeah pushed your shoes off slippers there launched at. So, I’m proud of pool terrace this area hammock over here this ah bathroom oh my god the kisses bath up leaves right out to the pool, and the shower the shower oh this is one of the coolest places if not equal place I’ve ever stayed in it jacuzzi pool sunbathing area place is incredible my god go explore way to the beach I then the trail from our hotel room to the beach we are right here it is a secluded beautiful beach, and apparently right around the coast area there are caves. So we’re going to go check those out time to get the water geographers at the beach to count this water okay after a morning spent exploring the coastline around Tucson day we decided to go for a cruise we passed by ricefield men hanging out under out on trees Ishigaki is famous beef cattle.

And breathtaking views across the island, and everywhere you turn there’s another beautiful secluded view randoms a lot, and Terry to that muscle found a really cool light out in the middle no o’clock yes it’s like on water rocks faces up there taking some selfies unbelievable from the lighthouse to make our way into town to explore bit grab a refreshment hawaiian-inspired shaved ice with strawberry mango coconut pineapple marshmallows, and on top of the sugary syrup it was delicious, and it was made by a man who loves New York City, and the rock perfect there’s nothing better this is attempt on a summer day when my merch wanna burn your grip pineapple mango marshmallow young coconut good people this is begun I definitely recommend you come the shukaku you ever come to shade I stand where are we in town somewhere is how middle of gum unicorn it’s like your town Misaki town here I come down here your boy Real Talk let me do you got mental what the ruckus yeah as the Sun set on our first day we find this funky little restaurant on the way back to the hotel for dinner we saw the waitress bring out all the local favorites, and she serves us up plates of Goya which is like bitter melon not on sprout eating, and then me segaki stated it was all really delicious, and I think, I’m falling in love with this place already, and we haven’t even done what we came for yet that is to dive ah.

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