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With its Spanish colonial heritage colorful indigenous people lush rainforests, and bustling Canal Panama is at a crossroads of history culture, and geography what will come together here for you on a journey to the Central American Republic great guy here in Panama he’s actually our cruise director mr. Ian the -foot MS discovery a passenger catamaran launched in was designed specifically for small group exploration described he looks fantastic it seemed to be the proper size to have a lot of comfort personality good seems like a very safe ship approaching the Panama Canal from the Pacific ships large, and small are lifted by a series of locks over the foot tall continental divide before being lowered on the other side to complete their passage to the Caribbean Sea.

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Marks the -year anniversary of the opening of this engineering marble construction took the lives of about, workers, and engineers approximately people died for every mile of the canal they built right now we are going through the Panama Canal logs on a beautiful wonderful day you know blue sky frigate birds brown pelicans along the crew member the staff are just really working hard to make our stay here one of the most magnificent one unroot to the Caribbean the Panama Canal opens up onto cotton lake this area is best explored by kayak or small boat with the creation of the lake during the construction of the Panama Canal hilltops became Islands canyons became coves the other islands of the late many eye disease that’s relate freshwater body a lot of shoreline with boys a Panamanian jungle serves as a terrestrial biological corridor between the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea it hosts some of the most densely packed, and varied life on Earth this one this neck is pretty big so.

I would still guess our trip leader deal has been wonderful with a great host, and very attentive to all of our needs he sure has a lot of knowledge on everything that. We’ve seen, and been doing in history Laura animals, and it’s been very entertaining a lot of fun to be with at its essence Panama is a cultural, and geographical concentration surrounding a waterway that divides two massive continents, and ties together two major oceans the crossroads of the Americas awaits.

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