30 Best Travel Destinations

30 Best Travel Destinations

A Times write-up about two very successful and rich young men who got tired of being wealthy; so, they turned to minimalist living said, “…people truly are recognizing that there is greater value from experiences.”

More and more people are realising that travel is the best provider of experience; and, that they get the greater value and satisfaction in life and living from their travel experiences.

So, to put it in a nutshell, cheap travel is all about – where money is the main or only restricting factor – drastically restructuring one’s lifestyle in order to save towards an upcoming, planned travel.

This demographic might well be the biggest, especially since the 2008 global economic recession and financial meltdown; for, tough times force people to adjust their lifestyles; plus, it seems like people dance and travel more in times of hardship to try to cope with the added pressure.

So, will it be a spell of minimalist living for you; or, are you one of the lucky ones who fall in the budget travel category?

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