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This region may be considered the cradle of Chinese civilisation; Chengdu Subway Map it has been inhabited since pre-neolithic times, and the first civilised states recorded in Chengdu Subway Map China were here over 3,000 years ago. The neolithic women of Ban Po are said to have invented agriculture, using the slash and bum method to cultivate millet. They used stone axes set in wooden hafts, and developed mill-wheels and grinding-stones. Men were occupied with hunting, using three-pronged spears, and fishing, and then came the domestication of animals, including dogs. The Ban Po women produced practical coiled clay pottery. The kilns which have been excavated show temperatures reached of 1,000°F.

This is the challenging part of investigations. There is always some point when your eyes and ears begin playing tricks. Is that what was happening to us? Sometimes it is only in evidence review when you find the truth.

If there was spirit activity here, we hoped to stir it up by recounting the tragic events of December 24, 1913. At that point in our conversation, Kat called out, “Is the person who yelled fire at the Italian Hall Disaster with us tonight? Are you a coward?”

Time continued to slip away. Shortly after 2:30 a.m. we decided to call it a wrap. Laura, Art, Kat and I were exhausted. Thanking them for their help, we packed our equipment and headed off for some much needed rest. All of us hoped something had been recorded that evening.

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