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Just looking out the window of the plane you can’t help but already be impressed from a helicopter, it’s breathtaking, and from a jet boat well, it’s all those things, and just a little bit terrifying welcome to Queenstown New Zealand where you can do almost everything or absolutely nothing, and love every single minute of it whether you want to power down a mountain or gazing or at one from below anything’s possible in this picturesque land of extremes in the off chance the weather isn’t perfect the scenery always is, and there are a million ways to enjoy it some less extreme than others now even if the weather itself hasn’t been all that remarkable in Queenstown sometimes it can be a blessing in disguise if you stay in somewhere like the Azur hotel with its open fireplaces heated tile floors massive hot tubs, and incredible sweeping views, it’s really not a bad way to spend a day in we would sort of call it luxury accommodation but with a nice – the homely atmosphere. So we want people to be sort of relaxed, and comfortable, and we definitely try, and promote sort of an informal environment, it’s now day two and I’ve decided to venture out of the hot tub, and into the wild.

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We’ve booked an adventure tour on the dark river, and it starts early real early like many on the bus. I consider more sleep but the view out the window is just too good – this lake the lake itself lake wakatipu Zealand’s longest length clean up clean up here this way gateway to paradise down around the kickstand actually confidence just cross from Queens down there at the middle of the Lakers BC BT we transfer from the bus to a proud local product the jet boat invented by a clever New Zealand er in the s, and piloted by a crazy one the dart river flows through rugged forested country in the southwestern part of New Zealand’s South Island as you hurdle past or inspiring snow-capped mountains, it’s not hard to work out. How these natural beauties became hotshot Hollywood stars your laughter’s rings fair if you saw the tower, and it’ll always look back into the Misty Mountains the tower was digitally put down you can see a green grassy sort of paddock, and grow it on the very flat area down through there that’s basically where the tower was digitally put, and you were looking back up into this valley the time you ever saw a Wolverine that’s when you ejectment ran naked out of this bar just me was warmer day than this if you want to carry on down the river at a slightly more civilized pace you can transfer into a fun yet guys with by eight kilometres school day or kilometers, and an hour for lunch or an hour zone lots of food, and money Rex for you proud Texan grandma Joan later shared with me her inspiring adventure that began long before she put paddle to water this trip has been planned for more than years back in the year. I was a cancer patient, and during my cancer treatment they gave me a very poor prognosis but.

I didn’t buy that so I promised my granddaughter that when she was old enough we would take a trip to Australia, and New Zealand, and we arrived here two days ago, and today we had the adventure of a lifetime Queenstown incredible natural beauty is almost otherworldly but at just over two hours flight from Sydney it is absurdly accessible but be warned with all that’s on offer year round a lot of people never seem to leave the car do another winter, and then you think oh I’ll just stay for the summer, and then you don’t want to miss out on the winter. So before you know it you know a year is turned into three or four, and then, it’s then hard to ever leave because, it’s one of only a few places in the world.

I think that can offer this sort of lifestyle of ski fields mountain biking hiking trails.

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