HOW TO Chew Coca Leaves in Northern Argentina

All right we just successfully accomplished or successfully commas successfully accomplished Lucia no IDO sure no okay we just successfully accomplished Arusha hello for justice successfully accomplished Eva, and now we’re honored descent back to Milwaukee, and it’s about two hour drive. So, I’m gonna give me some of these coca leaves that I picked up from the market today in toccata which is supposed to help you with the altitude.

HOW TO Chew Coca Leaves in Northern Argentina Photo Gallery

So you just take a little these coca leaves. So everybody here has in their mouth, and I like the big big mouthful looks like they’re chewing tobacco. But on this side not a bomb about no not under to tickle it pull down the side yeah I think is there a little birdie yeah oh yeah sorry you know to it anything just like this that’s it some of these guys have like a big wad. But I just have a little bit, I’m just starting out. So I have all this to help them. But it’s not like cocaine is from the same plant. But you need like hundreds of these leaves leaves to make up cocaine.

So so I don’t I didn’t feel a buzz or anything. But I think it’s helped me with my altitude man pitch. But you know mint tea keeps my breath fresh soon as we find the key here the keys all ready to go next stop Muraki.

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