Best 3 Day Travel Destinations

Best 3 Day Travel Destinations

So, what then is meant by “cheap” travel? It surely does not mean that a person is able to afford to go on a particular trip; but, is deliberately tight with his or her money; and, therefore, utilises frugality to save money.

A budget traveler can be guilty of doing such; even a luxury traveler. To them, it would be a matter of priority; or, a shifting of priorities, e.g. cutting back on something to afford something that was not planned or budgeted for.

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So, what is “cheap” travel then? To me, it really has nothing to do with travelling itself; but, rather with the decision to travel when there is little or no money saved or coming in regularly; or, where savings are insufficient for a particular trip.

Where this is the case – and, the person does not opt instead to travel for free, that is, start out with little or no money – the wannabe or would-be traveler will have to undergo a new lifestyle to prepare him or herself for the chosen upcoming travel.

That person will have to practise “minimalist living” for the period of time leading up to the departure date. It might mean selling all the non-essentials; streamlining your lifestyle in order to save up for the trip; and, budgeting every aspect of the travel.

At least, that’s my interpretation; for, a growing number of highly successful and wealthy person are turning to minimalist living for greater joy and fulfillment in life.

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