Why You Should Take Wine Classes In Miami

The more upscale a restaurant, the more likely you will find larger wine offerings. Your local classy pub may have a dozen selections while an actual upper-class restaurant could hold 30 or more. For the vast majority of us, it can be overwhelming. And when the selection feels overwhelming, we often will try to find something familiar. After all, they aren’t by far the cheapest drinks to purchase and finding out you’ve chosen a random one you’re not satisfied with makes it feel like an expensive mistake.

But wouldn’t you rather be knowledgeable about your options so you can try new wines and explore the options like a scholar? Most of us would. Your preferred go-to bottle is fine but you never know how much better a new kind might be unless you try it.

When you think of wine, what may or may not come to mind instantly is that you are tasting a bit of history and geography. Each brand has a history behind their methods that produce the beverages, and of course, every blend is different than their competitors because of what they mix into their blends, often based on their geographic location. For example, Champagne can only be called that officially if it is made in Champagne, France. And certain grapes are used in Italian wines because they grow them there more than anywhere else.

Miami is known for their wine tasting events as well as Miami wine classes, and there are a couple reasons why you should consider taking a class there. For starters, it’s Florida. For outsiders, that means VACATION! And the only vacation better than one where you could drink wine here and there is one where you are supposed to drink wine each day.

Besides that, Miami wine classes have many experts in the area who are eager to introduce you to more wine knowledge. Any information you need, you can find here at WSET Miami.

Then if you’re real lucky, you could wind up meeting celebrity chefs if a Miami wine event happens to land around the same time you’re in class. That’s not guaranteed but if you schedule your trip right, you could make it possible to meet your favorite celebrity chef.

As well, your Miami wine classes will have you taste around 100 wines in a single week. It’s pretty important to try new ones after all. Don’t forget to sniff your wine, swirl it in your glass to look at the shades of red or white, take a sip, and then be sure to spit it out once you feel you’ve explored all the flavors you can detect. Yes, spitting out wine sounds like a horrible waste to me, too. But when it comes to classes and events, spitting it out allows you to try many wines in a day without becoming belligerent.

Finally, any Miami wine classes are looking to train your tasting and smelling senses as well as teach you proper food pairings. Both points are quite important to any wine enthusiast.

BONUS: You can enjoy wine on a beach. What are you waiting for?

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