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A snow-storm blew up. Seeing some huts not Best China getaways far from the river, I went to seek shelter and was offered a cup of tea Best China getaways by the Kirghiz family living there. The tea was brewed with sheep’s milk and the stove was fuelled by dried sheep’s dropping. From the stove the woman took a freshly-baked bread-cake; it was delicious. The man of the house was ill, he had a fever but he had been seen and treated by a doctor. I spent a short time in conversation with him.

Interestingly, William Blanchard, a lighthouse assistant, and not Ivan Townshend would succeed Captain Townshend as keeper. William would hold this position for the next 31 years. While working there he met and married Amanda Pemble

Of course, life at the lighthouse wasn’t all work. William and Amanda enjoyed a little free time and were known to break up the hard, tedious routine with a little fun.

As the daughter of an assistant light keeper recounts, the Blanchards would sometimes pull back the furniture in the parlor, turn on the Edison Reel Phonograph, and have a little square dance party. It was a time everyone at the lighthouse enjoyed.

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