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Those who travel light should consider courier flights. Couriers help transport cargo on international flights by using their checked luggage space for freight. Usually, couriers must travel with carry-ons only and must deal with complex flight restrictions. Most flights are round-trip with short fixed-length stays (usually one week) and a limit of one ticket per issue. Most flights also operate only out of major gateway cities, mostly in North America. Generally, you must be over 21 (in some cases 18). In summer, the most popular destinations usu ally require an advance reservation of about two weeks (you can usually book up to two months ahead). Super-discounted fares are common for last- minute flights (three to 14 days ahead).

TRAVELING FROM NORTH AMERICA. Round-trip courier fares from the US to Europe run about US$200-500. Most flights leave from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Miami in the US; and from Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver in Canada. The organizations below provide their members with lists of opportuni ties and courier brokers worldwide for an annual fee (typically US$50-60). Alter natively, you can contact a courier broker directly; most charge registration fees.

Air Courier Association, 350 Indiana St. Ste. 300, Golden, CO 80401 (US ®800- 282-1202; elsewhere call US ® 303-279-3600; Ten departure cities throughout the US and Canada to London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, and through out Western Europe (high-season US$ 150-360). One-year membership US$39.

International Association of Air Travel Couriers (IAATC), P.O. Box 980, Keystone Heights, FL 32656 (®352-475-1584; From nine North American cit ies to Western European cities, including London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. One-year membership US$45-50.

Global Courier Travel, P.O. Box 3051, Nederland, CO 80466 (® 866-470-3061; Searchable online database. Departures from the US and Canada to Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, and Rome. Lifetime membership US$40, 2 people US$55.

In addition, Rush cared passionately about the state of female education in the new United States, advocating that ladies should be sufficiently educated to concur in instructing their sons in the principles of liberty and government. To train a generation of young ladies to bring up good-citizen sons, Rush established the Young Ladies’ Academy in Philadelphia, a model imitated nationally, where students studied reading, writing, bookkeeping, arithmetic, geography, history, vocal music, Christian religion, and Bible reading. Rush’s mission to educate the future of the republic also extended to the men of the Pennsylvania backcountry and culminated in the foundation of Dickinson College in Carlisle in 1783. As a teacher of medicine, Rush was the most influential physician in Country. His son estimated that 2,872 students were registered in his medical classes between 1779 and 1812 at the College of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania (from 1792). Best countries to visit in january He was the author of a popular syllabus on chemistry and published several important medical treatises on cholera, dropsy, measles, cancer, tuberculosis, and dengue. During the yellow fever epidemic of 1793, which claimed one in ten of his fellow Philadelphians, Rush worked tirelessly to treat the sick and prevent the spread of the disease. His insightful efforts to improve public sanitation won him many endorsements, but his seemingly indiscriminate bloodletting proved deeply controversial and led to claims that he was contributing to the death toll.

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