Politics and Grant Village

The construction of Grant Village had a long and complicated history, starting from preliminary surveys of the area in 1947. At that time the National Park Service decided it was desirable to relocate West Thumb’s facilities farther away from the thermal features of the geyser basin. Construction at Grant began somewhat later and was halted as many as seven times for various reasons, according to Alston Chase’s controversial 1986 book, Playing God in Yellowstone. A major diculty with this site is its proximity to several important trout spawning streams, where grizzly bears like to fish in late spring and early summer.

The expensive large marina at the east end of the village was closed for many years due to undercutting of the shoreline by the lake’s waves. In spite of these problems, Grant Village has become a convenient and heavily used area for campers, boaters, and other tourists. It has more than 400 campsites and 300 motel rooms. 20.8/0.7 Thumb Creek bridge. This is 21.5/0.0 West Thumb Junction. West one of the prime trout spawning creeks Thumb Geyser Basin is described in the in the area. next section; Fishing Bridge Junction is to the northeast; Old Faithful Village and Madison Junction are to the west (straight ahead).

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