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In a matrilocal society, a husband moves in with his Fresno Map Tourist Attractions wife’s family after marriage. Mennonites. A major Anabaptist sect, which traced its spiritual Fresno Map Tourist Attractions beliefs to the teachings of Menno Simons, a Dutch Catholic priest who renounced Catholicism in 1536. Mestizo. A person born in Mexico, or in former Mexican territory in the United States, of an indigenous and a European parent. Metacom’s War.

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In October 2001 a small fishing boat sank just inside of the excised area waters north of Australia, killing 353 people. Of the approximately 160 women, 170 children and about 70 men, only 40 survived (Greenlees 2001). The passengers were refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan, mainly women and children coming to join their spouses already in Australia. The unidentified 19.5 metre-long boat was titled the SIEV X from the Australian naval term SIEV for Suspect Illegal Entry Vessel number 10 (SIEV X 2006). Australian newspapers carried news of the event several days later, but in the midst of the national election campaign, the story vanished until the memorial event in 2002.

The SIEVX Memorial Project was founded in 2002 by psychologist Steve Biddulph, author and Uniting Church Minister Rob Horsfeld, artist and project manager Beth Gibbings and myself, a landscape architect. The intention of the memorial project is to recognize both personal and political issues that surrounded the event and to work positively toward a better understanding of problems that could avoid any similar future disasters. It is also an exploration of how the Australian public might be able to assist and share in the grief of the victims, something which memorials have always sought to do but which becomes more difficult when trying to reach across the divide of countries, cultures and even the dividing lines of the law. It is also something that becomes more urgent in the struggle to find useful ways to assist in helping refugees of global crises that are currently involving the largest mass movements of people in human history.

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