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0.0 The trail heads east from the parking area through scattered white birches, balm of gillead (balsam poplar), and white birch. In about 100 yards, the trail enters a denser forest of aspen and balsam fir and begins to climb gradually.

0.2 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike. Turn left, passing the trail on the right. The trail continues to ascend along the north side of a ridge passing occasional white pines. In 0.4 miles, the trail begins crossing rock outcroppings among red, white, and jack pines.

1.3 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead, passing the trail on the right which is a 1.2 mile cutoff allowing for an shorter 3.2 mile hike. A very short spur to the left at this point leads to an overlook with views of the dense coniferous forest to the north.

2.0 The trail approaches the ridge summit where the canopy of jack pines and oaks, with scattered white pines, opens up.

2.1 Beyond the ridge summit, the trail begins a gradual descent through a forest of large aspens, maples, and white birches.

3.4 Trail intersection with a shelter; the cutoff trail, the other end of which was passed 2.1 miles back, comes in sharply from the right just before reaching the shelter. Just past the shelter bear right, passing the trail to the left which connects with Loop A of this ski trail system in 1.4 miles.

3.9 Trail intersection completing the circuit portion of this hike.

Bear left to return to the trailhead.

4.1 Trailhead.

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