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Hotel software is a completely integrated package intended to handle your hospitality property. It combines the best of functionality with all-in-one and seamless integration. Whether you are a fifty room motel or a 500 room hotel, you can find best suitable hotel software for you. Hotel software can also be installed in educational facilities, resorts and boutique hotel. The software can also be completely personalized to meet your business requirements. The professionals who install the software will work with you to make sure a suitable fit between your business and their solutions. They will teach you to use the tools to earn more money and save time with all the guest transaction.

Though software comes handy, it is all about cost cutting and productivity. Hotels and many other hospitality establishments are struggling to stay in business particularly during unpredictable economic depressions across the world. Many establishments are facing a severe cash crunch. Establishing cost cutting strategies are the only methods to manage this problem. One technique of getting it done is through automation. Luckily, you have lots of free as well as open source hotel software that can be used by the business for the needs. There are many powerful open source hotel management softwares available with efficient modules crafted to handle different features of the hospitality business and is perfect for managing small and medium size business. You can download hotel management software for web, mobile and desktop.

While hospitality industry is a bit less selfless, it still functions on a same concept of excellent service. Because, it is something that must always accommodate your stay in hotel, no matter the quality or the room cost. Hotel software also focuses on this same bar of excellence. Few solutions accomplish this by means of a user-friendly interface or outstanding support. It is where open source options come handy. Because, apart from the obvious attraction of freebies, open source and free hotel software enables you to establish a tool in a small budget so that you can avail the service that matters most. In fact this is what hospitality is everything about.

Some of the features of open source hotel software includes effortless personalization of reservation fields, various levels of authorization, create, edit and deliver receipts, invoices and other essential documents for business, creation of custom reports and also insights by custom reports creator. Some open source hotel management system comes out in three different modules to support different functionality and the modules include standalone reporting, ebridge and agoda module. The languages being supported include English, Korean, and Vietnamese and simplified Chinese. The other features of the software include email notification, advance profile, guest check in/out, reports generation and reservation.

Some excellent open source hotel software features testimonial aspect that enables you to emphasize reviews on your landing page to confirm excellent service of the hotel. The other special features range from partial payment booking, SEO tool to increase web presence and integrated payment gateways for making transaction and tax management tool, etc.


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