Best Travel Destinations For Your Money

Best Travel Destinations For Your Money

I did not want to believe that Justin Bieber was in Anguilla over the Christmas holidays either; but, he surely was; and, there is proof! Just Google it!

You might want to plan to work while abroad; and, if so, you will have to factor in the money that you expect to make in your budget; or, you might be forced to work, if you find yourself running out of money during your trip; so, be prepared for this possible eventuality.

There are work options open to you which you must carefully examine over a reasonable period of time before departing on your travel. You must check and evaluate your saleable skills set to prioritise your choices.

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Blogging does not come easily for some; but, there are ways to earn a living from it while travelling. If you have a passion about anything – food, culture, photography, archaeology – you qualify to become a blogger. All you have to do is to read, listen and learn about it; then, try your hand at it; then, after some possible initial trial and error, try to master the art.

Same with writing and publishing my blogs; taking photos; and, shooting videos of exciting places, activities, flora and fauna and other things, e.g. culinary creations of local chefs.

These are all things that you can sell while travelling. Things that will collectively contribute towards your budget; so, that you can maintain or enhance the quality of your travel.

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