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Signposting points you, with no real change of direction, Best US family destinations clearly past the fifteenth tee and then past the left-hand side of the eighth tee. Best US family destinations It looks rather private, but the right of way across the course is clear and you should not let golfers persuade you otherwise – although it might be trying their patience a little to plonk yourself down in front of the tee with a view to finishing off the Hollist Cob that you couldn’t manage earlier.

Proceed now down the left-hand side of the eighth fairway. Providing you keep a wary eye out for maverick golf balls, this is lovely walking in quite charming surroundings – a pleasant place indeed for a game of golf. Roughly two thirds of the way down the fairway you will notice a green – the ninth green – to your left. Follow round the back of the ninth green but don’t be tempted to continue straight on along the track; instead turn right to follow beside the ninth hole back to the ninth tee, and then follow an obvious path forward to meet the main road.

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