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The route of this hike incorporates the large Pincushion Mountain Loop with a short side trip to the summit of the peak. From the trailhead, which also serves as the Grand Marais Overlook, the route heads north, first through an open forest of widely spaced aspens and spruces. After crossing a short rise and turning east, the forest thickens. From here on the trails pass through a mixed deciduous-conifer forest of aspen, white birch, balsam fir, and spruce. The only exception is Pincushion Mountain where you will find stunted jack pines and ash trees growing in the thin rocky soil.

Pincushion Mountain offers panoramic views in all directions. To the southwest are the Sawtooth Mountains, looking like the worn teeth on an old rust-stained saw. The gentle sloping of resistant lava flows formed these ridges. While one end of the flows tilts down and under the lake, the opposite end rises, creating the ridges. Breaks along the ridgeline form the notches that separate the teeth of the giant saw blade.

To the north, the summit looks out over Devil Track River Canyon. While you can’t see the river, you can make out the break in the forest canopy that marks its course. The Chippewa called this river Manido bimadagakowini zibi, spirits (God) walking-place-on-the-ice river. In Country Geographic Names, Warren Upham writes: The Ojibway applied this name primarily to Devil Track lake, and thence, according to their custom, to the outflowing river. The name implies mystery or something supernatural about the lake and its winter covering of ice, but without the supremely evil idea that is given in the white men’s translation.


One of the most famous authors associated with Rye, E Best US family vacations . F. Benson, based locations in his Mapp & Lucia books on houses in Rye ( Best US family vacations the town in which these locations were situated became known as Tilling), and many of these are to be found in the High Street. On the north side of the street, the Mariners was the inspiration for Diva, later Ye Olde Tea House; numbers 18 and 19 High Street were E. F. Benson’s Post Office; and number 21 was Mr Rice, Poulterer.

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