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1.9 Back from the summit continue on the circuit trail to the right.

2.0 Trail intersection; continue straight ahead passing the trail to the right.

2.4 Trail intersection; bear right passing the trail to the left. In 90 feet reach old U.S. Highway 61 and turn left to return to the trailhead.

3.1 Trailhead.

When the War of the Five Nations on a foreign rebellious Best vacations in the USA nation is ended, peace shall be restored to that nation by a withdrawal of all their weapons Best vacations in the USA of war by the War Chief of the Five Nations. When all the terms of peace shall have been agreed upon a state of friendship shall be established. 88. When the proposition to establish the Great Peace is made to a foreign nation it shall be done in mutual council. The foreign nation is to be persuaded by reason and urged to come into the Great Peace. If the Five Nations fail to obtain the consent of the nation at the first council a second council shall be held and upon a second failure a third council shall be held and this third council shall end the peaceful methods of persuasion. At the third council the War Chief of the Five Nations shall address the Chief of the foreign nation and request him three times to accept the Great Peace. If refusal steadfastly follows the War Chief shall let the bunch of white lake shells drop from his outstretched hand to the ground and shall bound quickly forward and club the offending chief to death. War shall thereby be declared and the War Chief shall have his warriors at his back to meet any emergency. War must continue until the contest is won by the Five Nations.

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