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Bhutan is situated in the eastern Himalayas spreading in an area of 1800 square mile. Bhutan has been an independent country since 450 CE, in the north of Bhutan lies Tibet, to its west is Sikkim, in south is Assam and in the east is Arunachal Pradesh. Funtseling Nagar is the entrance gate of Bhutan; this gate is at a distance of 160 kilometer from India’s Siliguri railway station. Bhutan’s 200 kilometer length consists of only one single national entrance which passes from Futseling to Chimakoti and reaches to its capital Thimpu.

Bhutan has a population of 13 lakh people, and this country is a follower of Buddhism. In this country other the population of Indians and Nepalese is more than their local population. Indians here have a dominant hand over the business in Bhutan. Three languages are spoken here i.e. Jhonkha, Nepali and English. Hindi is also spoken and understood. Education is slowly picking up here.

Like other countries this country is also being affected by other culture and discipline but yet it follows strongly its own culture and life style. In Bhutan everyone wear one similar kind of dress; they wear a dress called Labdanum which is similar to a night gown; underneath it no pant or pajama is worn and hence their legs to the extent of one feet is visible naked. This dress is Bhutan’s national dress. This dress is called ‘Kho’ for men and ‘Kira’ for women’s dress.

Females have a upper hand in Bhutan, in the market one would find females in maximum for selling and buying goods. In this country everyone is a non vegetarian and people over here drink liquor as a substitute of water. In the entire country there is only one television and that is government’s property.

Bhutan for centuries had been away from the knowledge about the world. It was safe and abandoned for tourists, today after coming in contact with the outside world it’s all these obstacles have been cleared off. Now tourists from every corner of the world go to visit Bhutan. The buildings of Thimphu are very attractive and beautiful to watch. The palace of Bhutan is a beautiful model of western art. Dakshet building is also very attractive and beautiful. On reaching the main market of Bhutan one feels as though he is standing in one of the European towns.

Paro valley situated on the Paro Sea is called as ‘Switzerland of Bhutan.’ The natural beauty of Bhutan is mind blowing. ‘Bhutan Airlines’ from Bhutan airport reach to Kolkata and Delhi airport.

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