All that was worth waking up for Hey guys I’ve just outside finishing my coffee waiting for Stephen to get ready we about to go, and have breakfast, and then go, and explore for the day I just noticed that we can no longer see the Opera House. Because an amazing cruise ship has just pulled up, and they have a waterside I want to go on this cruise that’s awesome alrighty let’s go to Rocky all righty it’s time to change her tell welcome to Bondi during winter this is such an epic pool, and they’ve emptied it out it’s got icebergs, and usually the water goes right at the top I wish I could have shown you this we’re actually really excited to show your icebergs fall back we’ve never seen an empty before.

BONDI BEACH Photo Gallery

So that’s something for us my favorite part about Sydney is that you can be in the city jump on a bus 30 minutes later beat one of the most famous beaches in Australia McRaven a good juice. So we decided we’re gonna go walk along the road next to the beach and, I’m sure they’ll sell, I’m sure they sell nice to you sir schedule breakfast lunch, and dinner given to you at a certain time can you try get out of that schedule, I’m hungry Jess, I’m really hungry let’s get shirts, and food this looks like a good spot you never go wrong with Mediterranean Perry this place is awesome retsu barbers, and we got like awesome movies behind us as well like London dive shops, and stuff which we’ll probably check out that up sweet blue chain on the way to look into any schools yet mm-hmm it’s time it’s always time is a pika time, I’m thinking agenda Nutella field yeah it looks good hello yeah sure do Nutella you ready for this it’s quite fancy it’ll be the best tasting honey open the snapchat I’ve got something to show you just didn’t say we were on the hunt for fresh juice should not be coming into this Dorothy this work has got me.

So excited for something to check into our second hotel for you we stayed at the establishment, and it’s literally just down this it’s in this really old building alright guys we just checked in at these places it’s so cute really nice day caught, and I love the bathroom. So they’re like one big room here’s the bathroom big bathtub, and a double vanity, and then it opens up hello, and then it opens up into our bedroom how nice is that I love the bed that is really really cool, and see there’s Netflix on the iPad I know I know what some shows tonight we woke up at like 5:00 a.m. for the sunrise I think we’re gonna have a nap before we go back out I am so exhausted see it’s Royce guys are this roar getting to you work come on I really want to agree I need to click my magic just enough isn’t over yes started to go down to darling club, and I had you know we haven’t been down that way yeah first we got to go to a camera sites.

Because we really want to get a micro mark dude oh that’s cool you know my cell phone. Because we keep noticing that like sound can get funny in the post. So we want to get one of those to stick on I don’t if you ever seen it before it’s like this blocky thing you put on your camera helps the sound quality, and we’re also gonna be catching up with a fellow Sydney a postger which is pretty cool he needs to buy a new blogging camera we’re gonna go say hi to him as well sup Jake hey not much you’re like the VIP section or something, I’m extremely jealous what have you just bought for the 30 rx100 mark 4, and the biggest gorillapod available extremely jealous it’s pretty much my dream like small postging camera you should be good he’s also taking all this equipment up to Cannes. Because he’s gone travelling tomorrow. So you have to check them out he’s got his drone he’s got his new camera is probably gonna produce some epic stuff what can they expect to see in Cannes okay it’s gonna be fun Mauro’s post which would be on my blog on Saturday we’re going bungee jumping which is one of the scariest things a human can possibly do far scarier than skydiving what do you think of that what motivates someone to want to do it. But anyway. So we’re doing that why we’re opting along with skydiving, and then Monday is a whatever this isn’t team this is cocktails thanks for showing us this place thanks for coming to Sydney next time you’re in Sydney we’ll hang out yeah that sounds good we just had such a nice dinner place go to Uncle Ming’s there like a place.

So they did like little wontons, and stuff, and we have cocktails inside a teapot I was a really really awesome good night.

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