Boston Beauty Supply

Boston Beauty Supply

• 59 Teng)le PL, Boston; (617) 426-0921

• 120 Cambridge St, Burlington; j 617) 272-0378

• Liberty Tree MalL Danvers; (508) -4795

• 199 Massachusetts Ave Lscngtoo; (617) 862-6677

• 92-96 Lataveae St. Salem; (508) “44-^017

• S*?=xsccc MalL Swampscott; fl” 592-5164

• : 2i5 St. Wakefield; (617) 662-C454

Stock up where the salons buy their stuff. Sure, you can go in, too.

Perfumania This national chain applies the “How do we do it? VOLUME!” approach to designer fragrances at discount for men and women.

you can assemble the materials yourself and save.

They also carry several generic copies of expensive name brands; a copy of Paul Mitchell shampoo is just $2.95, about half of the real thing and every bit as good. A 32-ounce generic bottle of peroxide is a low $1.75. Service is friendly and helpful, too. Open weekdays, plus Saturday from 9:30 to 5:30.

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