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During our investigations we use several photo cameras. One is an expensive, high end camera. The others are point and shoot digitals that cost less than $500. The less expensive cameras always generate orbs. In fact, we lovingly refer to them as our “orb cameras.”

Many leaders in the paranormal community, such as Troy Taylor, lecture and write about the fallacy behind orbs. Yet, no matter what they say, orbologists continue to provide their expert knowledge on this subject.

Honestly, we are not sure the terms “expert” and “scientific” are appropriate when dealing with anything paranormal. Almost all of it is based in conjecture and theory rather than known, scientific methodology and facts. Some of the theories associated with ghosts and hauntings make sense while others are just wild theory.

Now, why do orbs have colors? Many orbologist Web sites go into great detail regarding the meaning of colors. They say one color means calm or serene while other colors means anger, love, evil, and so on. In reality, colored orbs are simply air particles absorbing color from their surroundings and transmitting that color in the picture.

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