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COMMUNICATION, Written. With the full recognition during Theodosius’s reign of Christianity as state religion, an intense cultural activity developed in centers of religious life such as monasteries and episcopal sees, by that time already present in many regions of the empire. This was especially true when these centers were run by highly educated persons, such as Ambrose, Jerome and Paulinus of Nola, who were accustomed to study or even, like Augustine, former professors of rhetoric. These men brought to the institutions which they inspired their experience of study, teaching and school organization, adapting it and putting it at the service of the church and of the Christian communities over which they had pastoral responsibility. Their command of grammar, rhetoric and dialectic facilitated their study and exegesis of Scripture, provided useful tools for preaching, and made possible the writing of letters and books. Augustine, Jerome, John Chrysostom and other Fathers gave themselves tirelessly to these activities, often moved by contingent reasons or solicited by various correspondents based on the needs of the various churches or of individuals not necessarily believers, such as to produce an extraordinary number of texts aimed at offering an apology for the faith or at the instruction and edification of Christians, also promoting their publication for these same ends.

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His award-winning wines, praised for their European- Brasilia Metro Map style elegance and balance, focus almost exclusively on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay made from estate fruit and Brasilia Metro Map other Santa Maria Valley grapes. Gary also sources fruit from other Central Coast vineyards and crafts wines at a shared facility in Santa Maria. Costa de Oro also produces specially bottled vintages for Roy’s restaurants and for the Halekulani, a luxury hotel in Hawaii. The casual, Tuscan-style Costa de Oro tasting room, opened in 2006, includes a tasting bar, plus sofa seating and tables for lounging. Windows open up to expansive views across Santa Maria Valley. Gift items and gourmet foods line the wooden tables and display cases.

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