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Excellent views of Dragon’s Tooth Rapids on the river below. Swirling currents caused by kettles or potholes in the riverbed have claimed more than a few lives of canoeists and kayakers caught in their grip and pulled under.

3.4 The trail ascends rock steps out of the quarry area. At the top of the steps, turn right following the MCC Trail upriver, passing the QLT on the left.

3.5 Intersection; turn left onto the Teachers Overlook Trail, leaving the MCC Trail which continues upstream. (For a closer look at the river continue on the MCC Trail for about 0.2 miles to the Blueberry Slide Trail which leads down to the river’s edge and the head of the series of rapids that finally ends below Hell’s Gate.)

3.6 Reach the trailhead after 340 feet on the Teachers Overlook Trail.

Turn left onto Old Broyle Road and follow it into Chichester Lima Subway Map , the surroundings becoming more and more built-up as you proceed. A convenience store on Lima Subway Map your right offers the first on-route refreshment opportunity since the Royal Oak at East Lavant! You arrive at the very busy Northgate roundabout, all the traffic moving from right to left. Turn left to pass St Paul’s Church and then cross over the busy A286, swinging right to pass the entrance to the Oaklands car park. Use the subway to pass underneath the next road, then, emerging from the subway, you then take the next left into North Street. Follow North Street all the way down to the Cross, where your pilgrimage began many, many hours ago. Your challenge walk is over.

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